Grades 2nd-5th (ages 7-10)

This session is intended for smaller, younger age beginners who have had little to no prior experience playing the fun and exciting sport of tennis. Children who are more advanced and able to consistently hit forehands and backhands and rally at least 6-10 times over a normal net with a normal tennis ball should not consider this session.

This session will focus on learning the basics of tennis while developing hand-eye coordination, timing, and balance. Children will be taught how to properly grip the tennis racquet and how to prepare and swing the racquet with the correct technique and footwork. Time will also be taken to introduce the children to proper court positioning and the rules of the game. By the end of the week long session, children will have begun to display better control of the ball when they hit it, an ability to maintain short rallies, and better position and balance on each shot. Each day will focus on teaching a particular stroke using stroke progressions and fun drills and game play that allow the children to practice and become proficient with that stroke. The USTA QuickStart program guidelines will be followed which scales the game of tennis to the size of the children. Age and size appropriate racquets, lower bouncing and slower moving low compression balls, and smaller court sizes allow children 10 years of age and younger to start playing and enjoying the game with greater control and success. And when the kids needs a break from tennis, additional camp activities will include nature walks, kickball, tennis baseball, sidewalk chalk art, and other fun and games.

Grades 6th-8th (ages 11-15)

This session is intended for middle school age children who have received some prior instruction or have prior tennis playing experience and are looking to build on and further develop their skill and competitive experience. Older and advanced lower school age children with demonstrated skill and experience are also welcomed in this session. Children who are not able to consistently hit forehands and backhands and rally at least 6-10 times over a normal net with a normal tennis ball should not consider this session.

This session will focus on reviewing and teaching proper grip/stroke mechanics of all shots (forehand, backhand, volley, lob, overhead, serve, specialty shots) in order to further develop control, consistency, spin, power, court positioning, and shot anticipation/preparation. Each session will take a look at the stroke preparation, hitting, and recovery phases of a shot as well as discuss point play strategy and tactics through drills and game play. Players will also learn about and practice many of the other important areas of becoming a good tennis player such as how to warm-up properly, how to improve your movement and balance on the court, and how to improve your fitness and conditioning through challenging and fun training exercises geared for tennis players and the demands of the sport.

Grades 6th-12th (ages 11-18) Inter/Adv.

Competitive level, previous experience required. Discretion of tennis pro.

Players who enroll in this program must have a demonstrated proficiency with the fundamentals of tennis and are interested in and looking to develop their competitive play at the middle and high school levels. The camp will focus on refining stroke technique, consistency, placement, and power through drill work, working on shot anticipation/preparation and court positioning, the development of individual rituals and playing styles, and teaching players how to be strong competitors while demonstrating proper tennis etiquette and sportsmanship. Tennis specific footwork and fitness/conditioning activities are important parts of every session. Daily singles and doubles games and match play provide the opportunity to look at and discuss strategies for handling the mental and emotional aspects of the game. This end of summer camp is a pre-preseason tennis opportunity to start getting players ready for the fall tournament schedule and the middle and high school fall season in order to get a leg up on the competition..

Adult Sessions

All levels welcomed! From the beginner to the intermediate/advanced level player, come on out to work on your game, get some exercise, and to make some new friends. Each session will start with a brief warm up followed by 20-30 minutes discussing and practicing a particular stroke through the use of both dead ball and live ball drills. The remaining 45-60 minutes will be used for 2v2 and 1v1 point play drills and game play which will make this learning experience both challenging and fun. The strategy and tactics of both singles and doubles play will be discussed and practiced while providing lots of stroke repetition and working on footwork and court positioning. By the end of the session, you will not only have a greater understanding of stroke mechanics but you will also have developed greater consistency and control on ground strokes and feel more comfortable and confident with the volley, overhead, and serve areas of your game.